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Metodologi Rekayasa Informasi (Information Engineering Methodology) dan Informasi Ekonomi (Information Economics)

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Keyword : information engineering, methodology, information economics

The development of information technology can give a bigger opportunity to a company, because the implementation of information technology increase the company's activity and competitive ability. The existing opportunity cannot be optimally used if there isn't any mature planning technique is needed, so it can support the company's business strategy. Information engineering method is very useful to be implemented in the process and settlement of the information technology strategic planning. The worthiness of an investment depend on the advantage gained from it. By using the information economic method, it is possible to identified and quantified the tangible and intangible benefits. Beside that, qualitative benefits is also necessary to know, in help judging whether the information technology is user oriented or not. Based on the result if the research conducted using both method to a courier service company, it is sattled that the billing system of the company is a business field that has the main priority to be developed, regarding that this business field has a very close relationship with the company's critical factor.

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