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A Study on Reinforced Concrete Ductility Based on Open Tensile Mode Fracture Using Residual Strength Analysis

International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment in Developing Countries, November; 2-3, 2009, Bandung, ISBN 978-979-98278-2-1
Proceeding from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2013-10-25 13:52:46
Oleh : Agnes H. Patty; Mardiana Oesman (patty_;
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Keyword : brittleness, ductility, failure mechanism, reinforcement, stress intensity factor

It is well know that concrete is a brittle material. Because of the brittleness, concrete materials fail catastrophically when the maximum stress due to the applied load reaches the material tensile strength. Reinforcing is absolutely needed to avoid the rapid failure of concrete structures. Using the concepts of residual strength, this paper presents how reinforcement will eliminate the level of the brittleness. Fracture approach was applied either to describe quasy-brittle failure mechanism instead of brittle failure. The analysis was conducted based on the datum taken from literature (Roylance,1996). A three-point loading beam specimen with open mode failure of 120x300 mm dimension made of high strength concrete was used as case study. Two bars of # 12mm diameter were used to develop wedge forces which were expected to reduce stress intensity at the crack tip. It was shown that failure mechanism was still dominated by semi-fracture collapse due to the increasing of residual strength from 1.27MPa (for plain concrete beam) to 7.08MPa (for reinforced concrete beam). The difference may be happened because of the process of the formed microcracks ahead of the newly formed crack tip. Also concluded that, the beginning of failure process (first yield), reinforcement is potential to increase the ductility by reducing the stress intensity factor.

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