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Sintesis Garam Mohr [Amonium Besi (II) Sulfat hidrat : Fe (NH4)2(SO4)2.6 H2O)]

Synthesys Mohr Salt (Ammonium ferro Sulfat heksa hidrat)

Proceeding from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2013-07-02 11:48:03
Oleh : Agustinus Ngatin; Mentik Hulupi; Emmmanuela Maria Wijayanti (
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Keyword : process condition, sintesis, Mohr salt, sulfuric acid, iron powder

Mohr salt is iron (II)ion stable, expensive, and as raw material to qualitative and quantitative analysis in the chemistry laboratory. The research is objective to find optimum condition proces synthesis, so then can be use as practic modul in unit proces laboratory and the his product used to practic in analytical laboratory. Synthesis of Mohr salt [Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2.6H2O] was conducted using sulfuric acid 20%, iron powder and amonia 10% as raw material. Proces condition studied were volume of sulfuric acid 20% (25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 mL) and proces time (15, 30, dan 45 minute). Temperature of heating and evaporation mix solution was conducted at 75, 100, and 1250). Result of research indicated that formation of iron (II) sulfate hidrate occured at the addition of 40 mL sulfuric acid 20% into 5 gram of iron powder at temperature of 500C in 30 minute, that produced 3,8874 gram of the salt, with rendemen of 77,78%. In formation of Mohr salt, maximum yield was obtained in addition of 40 mL sulfuric acid 20% into 5 gram of iron powder at temperature of 50 0C, with proces time of 30 minute, and addition of amonium sulfate (35 mL amonia 10%+ 25 mL sulfuric acid 20%) with 30 minute of heating time. In this condition,10,3705 gram of Mohr salt was obtained with rendemen of 40,82%. Mohr salt solution with Ba2+ with sulfate ion give white presipitate, and with solution base give dark green precipited of iron (II) hidroxide.

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