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In Preparing Science Teacher to Teach Science in English

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Oleh : Azwitta
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Keyword : methods english reading class vs science class, its strengths and weakness

This paper is originally my response toward classroom practices of conveying science class in English. Ideas in this paper, are to see its strengths and weakneses in the classroom practices. The teacher observed had some upper basic capability in English like mostly Indonesian teachers. Observation is made only on the method used for the class and how the students reacted toward her performance. Findings showed that the students were highly motivated. The students were active when they could express their opinion in English. The active students produced some interesting questions that geared them toward the understanding of the science taught mostly because they had an English course out side the class. Those who speak average English had made also some average achievements. It seems to me that for these types of students the English language bad hampered their existing knowledge, They often asked the teacher to reexplained the materials which is written in English. Those who showed inactive learning are those who don't speak English well, In my observation, this government program will be more successful if both English teachers and content teachers' work together to write a specific structured syllabus in order to build the clear goals in the end of the school term. Scoring system should be agreed by both the students and the teachers in order not to put aside the less able learners which are less capable in both English and the science taught. By doing so, the classes will have a more positive attitude toward the program and to be fair to all types of students.

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