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Development of Wireless Magnetic Field Sensor Node Based on Programmable System on Chip Microcontroller

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Oleh : C. Bambang Dwi Kuncoro (
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Keyword : Interface, magnetic sensor, sensor node, wireless sensor node, PSoC

Wireless magnetic field sensor node is a magnetic field sensor that is integrated with microprocessor, wireless communication system, and a small voltage source. That architecture makes it has improvement capability and functionality in order making sensing process. Magnetic field sensor plays a very important part in many application and embedded system. In a wide range of embedded and wireless sensor application, combining a magnetic filed sensor with programmable system on chip microcontroller and wireless system will build a wireless sensor node. Thus that configuration technology inside offer an attractive and low-cost alternative for many intelligent system applications. This paper presents development of wireless magnetic field sensor node prototype. The node prototype built with the low power and a low noise magnetic field sensor based on the Anisotropic MagnetoResistive (AMR) effect, the Programmable Single on Chip (PSoC), a 2,4 GHz radio frequency as wireless communication, and 2 AAA batteries as 3.3 V DC voltage source. Comparing with a conventional implementation, it is smaller and has lower power and costs. Integration of PSoC microcontroller technology in this design allows the developer to rapidly create solutions for any wireless applications, and has unique capabilities that are not present when designing with other microcontrollers. The simple experiment result show that designed wireless magnetic filed sensor node can acquire experiment data (magnetic fileds), and send data processing to the computer monitor over radio frequency communication. Another important aspect is related to the decrease in energy consumption due to the use of fewer and lowpower consumption components.

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