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Making a Photography-Texts Book of Mount Parang Tourism Spot

Tugas Akhir, 001 / 2016 / ING
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2017-06-16 11:32:38
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Keyword : Photography-Texts Book, Parang, tourism spot
Subjek : Photography-Texts Book, Parang, tourism spot


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This final project is about making a photography-text book of Mount Parang tourism spot. It is done in order to help Mount Parang tourism spot promote the attractions which are provided at the spot. Besides, it helps the reader to look for a new recommended place to travel. In doing the observation, it is clear that Mount Parang tourism spot still needs a kind of English written material about the tourism spot in order to help the guides there in delivering information about the tourism spot to the tourists especially to the foreigners who visit the place. The writer wants to help promoting the tourism spot by making a kind of promotional book which is sent to the tourism spot and also shared in some social media accounts There are some steps which are used in making the product: selecting data, collecting data, recording data, and using data. First, selecting data includes choosing some kinds of photography and text which are used in the product. Second, collecting data includes survey, interview, and observation. Third, recording data includes making text, editing photos, and inserting photo detail. Last, using data by designing the product. There are two theories which are used in making the product: photography theories and writing theories. The result of the product is a promotional book which is designed into a photography-text book. It consists of photos and text which show some attractions provided by Mount Parang Tourism spot. Besides, the writer got some positive responses related to Mount Parang tourism spot when the contents of the product were shared into some social media accounts. The writer's hope is that this promotional book will help Mount Parang tourism spot becomes one of the favorite tourism spots in Indonesia. Besides, it could be one of the good references for a further project. Keywords: Photography-Texts Book, Parang, tourism spot.

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