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Developing A Book on Reviews of Six Novels by Ahmad Tohari

Tugas Akhir, 027 / 2018 / ING
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2018-10-24 10:53:58
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Keyword : Novel Review, Review, Novel, Ahmad Tohari, Indonesian literature


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Ahmad Tohari is considered as one of Indonesian writers who has created lots of worthy literary works in form of novel. Unfortunately, not many people especially the young generation, are familiar with his novels. This project of developing a book on reviews was conducted as an effort to introduce Ahmad Tohari's novels to wider audience, especially student of English Department and foreigner, so that they are encouraged to read and appreciate the works. This project focuses on six most popular novels of Ahmad Tohari, which are known for their vivid description of the settings and abundance moral and historical values. Qualitative method is used in this project since the data collection process involves lots of interpretation. The data are mostly collected through the process of reading and taking notes. Several theories regarding novels, reviews writing, writing styles and writing techniques are also employed as the supporting framework of this project. The result of this project is a book that contains reviews of the six novels along with brief information about Ahmad Tohari. The book is expected to raise people's interest in reading Ahmad Tohari's novels and Indonesian literature in general. Keywords: Novel Review, Review, Novel, Ahmad Tohari, Indonesian literature.

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  • Supervisor: Dra. Ratna Padmi Trihartanti, M.Hum., Editor: Erlin Arvelina