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Umpan Balik (feedback) Pelanggan Terhadap Kinerja Pelayanan Dosen di Perguruan Tinggi (Kasus di Politeknik Negeri Bandung)

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Keyword : satisfaction, feedback, lecturer perform

This study seek clearly the organization development in higher education refer to market orientation, it means the higher education has concern through the quality and process in one hand, on the other hands, as an education institution should gives satisfaction through their customer. As a result of this study is supposed to give the contribution in order to understand the relationship between the customer feedback (Bandung Polytechnic student in this case) and the lecturer performance which is based on the variable dimensions such as competency, efectivity, and evaluation, conversely the variable dimension of discipline is undifference significantly. And then Anova analysis as a whole there are no changes on six semesters. In conclusion this study will give the benefit for Institution Development of Higher Education in managing the lecturer performance service. Nonetheless, the impact of student evaluation through the lecturer performance, it can be new challenging for the best lecturer perform improvement, and finally this study can be used as an input to sustain of lecturer self evaluation.

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