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The Making of a Historical Novella Based on Bandung Lautan Api

Tugas Akhir, 029 / 2018 / ING
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2018-10-24 10:57:56
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Keyword : Bandung Lautan Api, historical fiction, novella, Indonesian National Revolution


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The final project is about making a historical novella based on the historical event of Bandung Lautan Api which happened on 24 March 1946 during Indonesian national revolutionary war which occurred around 1945 to 1949. The story is about a fictional young shoe maker named Ujang Suganda who later joins the army because he wants to protect his homeland.The theories used as a base are Subject, Purpose and Audience (SPA), definition of story, elements of story, definition of novella, definition of historical fiction, elements of historical fiction, narrative structure and writing techniques which include show, don’t tell technique and five senses technique. The methods used have been taken step by step starting from determining the base of the story, collecting data, writing process, designing the book, and printing and binding. The data are collected through library study from several sources such as books, films, and Internet articles on history related to the Indonesian National Revolution. The result of the final project is a historical novella titled The Blazing City written in total word count 39,181 within 197 pages which is printed using A5 size book paper. The story includes eight chapters in total. The novella will hopefully give a new insight on the Indonesian National Revolution, especially in Bandung Lautan Api event and also to improve the low rate of Indonesian reading interests while also adding another collection of historical fiction on Indonesian history from an Indonesian point of view. Keywords: Bandung Lautan Api, historical fiction, novella, Indonesian National Revolution.

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  • Supervisor: Dra. Esti Sugiharti, M.A., Ph.D., Editor: Erlin Arvelina