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How Children Say 'No' : A Pragmatic Study of Refusal among Indonesians

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Oleh : Gangan Ganda Somantri ; Siti Yuliah (
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Keyword : refusal realizations, direct strategy, indirect strategy, face, Indonesians

This study is aimed at supplementing Oktapramasakti's findings (2006) about refusal realizations among Indonesians. Her DCTS (Discourse Completion Tests) are likely considered to exclude children as her respondents. Thus, this is taken by exclusively taking them as its respondents. Two questions drive this study, those are: (1) What kinds of refusal strategies are used by Indonesian children? (2) Does the status of requesters affect the strategy used? Twelve questions modified from Nelson et. at. (2002) are administered to collect the data for answering those two questions. The data was analyzed by firstly marking each idea unit with the classification of strategies suggested by Bebee et al (1990), cited in Nelson et at. (2002), and interpret them based on a display in a form of a table. Surprising findings revealed from Indonesian children's refusals realization. Unlike adults. Indonesian children seem not to pay too much concerned on the use of direct and indirect strategy. They are likely not too aware of the concept of 'faced' as the term of preserving relationship in interactions. In addition, the requester status is also found not to have too much impact on children's indirect strategy. Surprisingly, this study shows that children tend to use more strategy of reason to those having lower status, instead of the equal or higher ones.

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