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An Analysis of Grammatical and Mechanical Errors Found in Essays Written by English Major Students of Politeknik Negeri Bandung

Tugas Akhir, 007 / 2018 / ING
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2018-10-24 10:05:57
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Keyword : Error analysis, grammatical errors, mechanical errors, students' essays, three levels of proficiency


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The present final project analyzed grammatical and mechanical errors found in 15 essays written by the students across the three levels of proficiency: high, average, and low. The grammatical and mechanical aspects which were analyzed were subject-verb agreement, sentence fragment, the use of conjunction, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. The aims were to find out the most common grammatical and mechanical errors and to identify the percentage of each error found in the essays. Previous related research was compared in order to identify the gaps. Students' essays taken from their English writing quiz were collected as the data since they might contain grammatical and mechanical errors. This study mostly employed textual analysis and was supported by simple calculation to determine the frequency of each error found. The data collections were done by asking Writing lecturer to copy the essays, making copies of students' essays, selecting 55 essays into 15 essays, and retyping the essays. The data were analyzed by identifying the errors, explaining why the errors were wrong and writing the possible corrections, and evaluating the errors to get the percentage of each error found. The results showed that the most common grammatical error found is the use of conjunction (20.6%), and the most common mechanical error found is punctuation (21.6%). The results indicate that students still made errors in their essays because of several reasons: lack of accuracy, misunderstanding, ignorance, and carelessness. For further research with similar topic, it is recommended to analyze other errors such as prepositions, articles, singular/plural nouns, passive voice, tenses, and auxiliaries. Keywords: Error analysis, grammatical errors, mechanical errors, students' essays, three levels of proficiency.

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  • Supervisor: Dra. Siti Yuliah, M.Pd., Editor: Erlin Arvelina