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A Novel Individualization of Head-Related Impulse Responses on Media Plane using Listener's Anthropometries Based on Multiple Regression Analysis

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Oleh : Hugeng ; Wahidin Wahab ; Dadang Gunawan ( ; ;
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Keyword : HRIR Individualization, HRIR, HRTF, PCA, MLR

Individualizing head-related impulse responses (HRIRs) to perfectly suit a particular listener remains a key issues in modeling HRIRs. This research aimed to establish multiple regression models between models minimum phase HRIRs and several anthropometric measurements with the purpose of individualizing a given listener's HRIRs with his or her own anthropometries. We modeled the entire minimum phase HRIRs on median plane of 37 subjects using principal components analysis (PCA). Using a weighted linear combination of ten orthonormal basis function, good estimations of the individual minimum phase HRIRs can be attained. We proposed a novel individualization method based on multiple regression analysis between weights of basis functions and chosen eight anthropometric measurement. Our objective simulation's result showed that the individualized minimum phase HRIRs was perceived as the calculated ones and contained small errors that were better than the work by Hu et al. [5] in which our SD scores of subject 003 and subject 163 on median plane was no longer than 1.56 dB. This research, with mean error of only 20.42%, was also better than our previous work for sound sources on horizontal plane with mean error of 22.50% [6]. The eight chosen anthropometric measurements had again showed their effectiveness in individualizing minimum phases HRIRs on median plane.

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