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The Use of Total Physical Response (TPR) to Enchance Students' Vocabulary

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Keyword : Total Physical Response (TPR), young learners, vocabulary

The government of indonesia has set up a policy to introduce English in primary school, and it is usually included as an extra lesson. Starting foreign language at young age would have advantages. Young learners tend to pick up a language easily. Young learners need to have the benefit of language as an appropriate vocabulary since it is an important aspect of language development. They learn words or vocabulary items related to different concepts they are learning. Most of teachers emphasize teaching nouns to young learner because it's easy to illustrate and no need literacy skill. However teachers should teach and help them to learn other word class and lexical fields such as colors, days, and action verbs. Give them various activities in learning words will help them improve their vocabulary. The main purpose of this study is to find out whether the use of Total Physical Response (TPR) will help students memorizing words quickly so that it improves their vocabulary. Therefore, the study was conducted using one of pre-experimental designs, the one shot case study, that only has one experiment group involving the sixth grade students of primary school. The main source of data collection was the students' tests results from learning group that was treated by applying TPR. in teaching vocabulary. There are pre test and post test scores. The identification of students' activities using questionnaire might provide good input in discovering student's enthusiast in learning vocabulary using TPR. As a result student is expected to be familiar with and can use words as many as they can. In analyzing data, match T Test is used to prove whether TPR helps students to improve their vocabulary. Having conducted the study, it is discovered that students learn vocabulary more actively and the result shows that students are easier to grab and understand the verbs in one meeting so the next meeting they can learn more vocabulary so that their vocabulary can improve day by day.

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