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The Making of Promotional Video of Historical Buildings in Cirebon

Tugas Akhir, 033 / 2016 / ING
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2017-06-15 10:07:40
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Keyword : promotion, video, history, buildings, Cirebon
Subjek : promotion, video, history, buildings, Cirebon


Deskripsi Alternatif :

Historical buildings in Cirebon are great assets of Cirebon that are worth promoting. Unfortunately, not many sources promote historical buildings in Cirebon while actually historical buildings in Cirebon can be tourism potential in Cirebon. This project is conducted in order to solve a problem about the ineffective method in promoting historical buildings in Cirebon. The type of method used in this project is qualitative method where library study, observation, and interview are used to collect the data. Therefore, the result of this project is a promotional video titled The Beauty behind Five Historical Buildings in Cirebon, which explains about five historical buildings: Masjid Merah Panjunan, Keraton Kanoman, Keraton Kacirebonan, Vihara Dewi Welas Asih, and Petilasan Sunan Kalijaga. The information delivered in the video is about the locations, the historical stories, and other interesting information about the five historical buildings mentioned above. The information is written into a script and delivered through narration in the video. The focus of this project is on the language used in the video. This project has contributions to the tourism industry not only in Cirebon but also in Indonesia. People who want to conduct similar project should consider some aspects such as money, time, and crews. Keywords: promotion, video, history, buildings, Cirebon.

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