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Komponen Apa yang Memotivasi Menjual? Suatu Analisa Deskriptif Tematis terhadap Motivational Communication dalam Personal Selling

Journal from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2013-03-05 10:13:18
Oleh : Santosa Sanjaya
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Keyword : motivation, motivational communication, personal selling

This paper tries to uncover components that motivate salespeople to sell their products. Some literature mention that motivation components are related with the groups, the meaning of motivation, two types of motivation, and three speech acts. Fourteen salespeople from two multilevel marketing (MLM) companies (CNI and NOP) and one high school book publisher (Penerbit Yudhistira) in Bandung were surveyed using personal interviews and field notes. The transcripts were analyses by Oewn's thematic analysis. The result mention that all the components in the three groups above were uncovered with detailed descriptions. Apart from that, three new components, product, social responsibility, and market were revealed. In order to have more accurate results, more comprehensive research needs to be conducted in the future.

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