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Simulasi Takeoff Pesawat WiSE

Takeoff Simulation of Wing-Ship

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Oleh : Singgih Satrio Wibowo ( )
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Keyword : aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, takeoff maneuver, mathematical model, simulation, virtual reality

Manuver takeoff dari pesawat (kapal) WiSE sangat penting untuk diperhatikan dan dianalisis karena memiliki pengaruh yang besar terhadap kinerja terbang secara keseluruhan.

Deskripsi Alternatif :

The takeoff maneuver of Wing-Ship is very important to be considered and analyzed because it has significant influence to overall flight performance. The analysis of the take off maneuver is not an easy task since it needs the understanding of both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic characteristics of the craft. The proper model of its aero and hydrodynamic characteristics is a major requirement for the analysis. This paper describes the mathematical modeling of aero-hydro characteristics of WiSE craft which is suitable for simulating takeoff maneuver. The aerodynamics coefficients were calculated and predicted using Digital DATCOM, while the hydrodynamic properties were modeled for transitional and planing modes. The simulation is carried out by solving the equation of motion which was derived based on Newton- Euler approach. MATLAB/Simulink is used for the simulation, and combined with Virtual Reality (VR) toolbox for visualization of the motion to give real illustration

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