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Teaching English Vocabulary to Young Learners Using Animals Domino Kids Cards Games

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Keyword : Vocabulary, TEYL, Animals Domino Kids Cards Games


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It had been found in many schools that teachers use games activities as their teaching media. The students really appreciate any kind of activities which provide excitement and fun. It will be easy to understand and practice of English. The writer chooses games as the simple illustrated media to facilitate students’ technique of learning, as we know that children learn while playing games because it is easy to be understood and comprehended by students. This experimental research aims to investigate the use of Animals Domino Kids Cards Games in teaching English vocabulary to young learners. Teaching English vocabulary to young learners has been widely investigated by using various media; however, some of the research results are significant and some of them are not. In this regard, Animals Domino Kids Cards Games is used to investigate the learners’ mastery of vocabulary, because the learners are motivated to learn English with something new and involve them to be physically active. This research focuses on the alternative hypothesis: there is a significant difference in students’ vocabulary mastery before and after being taught by using Animals Domino Kids Cards Games. Twenty students of the first grade of a private elementary school in Parongpong Subdistrict were involved in this research. This research employed one group pretest – posttest design to gain the data. The data from both tests was analyzed by comparing one sample t-test with computer program SPSS 15.0. The data showed that the level of significance was 0.000 with the value of α is 0.5. The result of the research showed that teaching English vocabulary by using Animals Domino Kids Cards Games is significant to enhance the students’ mastery of vocabulary. Keywords: Vocabulary, TEYL, Animals Domino Kids Cards Games.

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