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Rancang Bangun dan Analisis Pengujian Sistem Refrigerasi Product AC Test Chamber Pada Mesin Freeze Drier

Thermofluid Seminar Nasional 2009
Proceeding from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2013-08-02 11:46:35
Oleh : Sumeru; Ade Suryatman Margana (;
Dibuat : 2013-08-02, dengan 1 file

Keyword : Product Chamber, freeze drier, refrigeration system, evaporating temperature

Freeze drying is a superior preservation method for variety of food products and food ingredients. Since freeze drying involves a change in state from solid phase to gaseous phase, product to be freeze dried must first be adequately refrozen in a freezer or in a product chamber. The method of refreezing and the final temperature of the frozen product can effect the ability to successfully freeze drying process. Heat input to the product chamber must be very carefully controlled, especially in the early stages of drying. Besides as temperature regulator, product chamber is able to used as products freezing, as well. In order to achieve those function, product chamber should be equipped by refrigeration system with temperature -20°C or lower. In this research, the design evaporating temperature of refrigeration system for product chamber is -30°C to achieve -20°C inside product chamber. Based on calculation by natural convection heat transfer, using a compressor with ¼ HP capacity and R22 as a refrigerant, and a 5/16 inch-diameter of copper tube, the length of the evaporator is 24 meter. To prove the refrigeration system function on product chamber, two tests are conducted, i.e. evaporating temperature and freeze drier performance when used for drying of garlic extract. The experiment shows that the lowest evaporating temperature of refrigearation system on product chamber is -31°C, and the refrigeration system is able to operate normally for 52 hours nonstop, without overheating. Based on thin layer chromatography test, shows that the nutrient content of drying garlic do not change compared to fresh garlic. In addition, from the evaporating temperature and water content of garlic, it is obeserved that the refrigeration system on product chamber could operate well. This research also succeeded in designing of freeze drier with low cost that suitable for small to middle scale business.

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