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Exploring Students' Understanding on English Speech Act in The First Grade Materials of the Students of SMPN 1 Cangkuang, Kabupaten Bandung

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Keyword : speech act, understanding, comprehension test, quanlitative research, relevance theory, dialogue

Speech act is an important aspect in language use. How people utter their utterance deal with in term of locution, illocution and perlocution. This study investigates the first grade students' understanding on speech act. The speech act being investigated is relevant to the material given in the first grade junior high school. Since the participants of the research are the students of the researcher, it is hoped that the result is natural and the students will give a real response of what they have understood. The data was collected from the analysis of a comprehension test which consists of three parts, giving responses to dialogues, making a dialog based on the situation given, and writing a descriptive text during around three months conducting the research. The researcher holds the relevance theory in conversational contribution as the base in analyzing the data. To support the test, the students were also interviewed. There were 36 participants involved in the research. They are the students of SMPN 1 Cangkuang, Southern of Banding, in the first grade of different classes. Having analyzed the students' responses on the test qualitatively, the study indicates the students understand well in selecting the appropriate expression to respond the uncompleted dialogues. In term of creating a dialogue based on the situation given, the result shows that the student find some difficulties in this part of the test. The most difficult dialogue to make is about how to make thing (procedural text), followed by making the expression or congratulation on someone' success, giving and asking the direction (fact), and greeting between teacher and students. The easiest dialogue is about how to introduce oneself. The result in writing section indicates that mostly the students understood the instruction and made a correct writing (50% out of aIl) but there were a lot of mistakes in term of the rules of grammar especially in the sentence order. And at the interview, it tends to ask students' perception on the test in term of some difficulties they had, and gave comment on the test. The responses are various one the other It is hoped that for the future there will be a deeper research with better instruments and procedures in exploring the students' understanding on speech act in Indonesian context and other relevant issues for better improvement.

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