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Identification Problem of Marine Cadastrein Indonesian Archipelagic Perspective

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Oleh : Yackob Astor ; Widyo Nugroho Sulasdi ; Hendriatiningsih ; Dwi Wisayantono (
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Keyword : Marine Boundaries, Marine Cadastre, Archipelagic Perspective

Indonesia as an archipelagic country has marine area larger than land area, 13.446 islands (Geospatial Information Agency, 2012) with coastline 95,181 km (Indonesian Maritime Council, 2008), making Indonesia has natural resources of the sea more than the natural resources on land. This potential conditions of marine resources is seen as an opportunity for Indonesia as a developing country to build excellence in coastal and marine field. But during 68 years of the nation's independence, maritime sector has not proved as a sector that can be seeded by the nation and relied by Indonesian people. Based on the literature, one of the main problems in Indonesian ocean is marine boundaries determination are unclear and unresolved causes uncontrolled human intervention in managing marine resources and chaotic patterns of use of marine resources, uncontrolled utilization even destructive.
This paper discusses about marine boundaries problems that is happened in Indonesia whether they arise from the country and from abroad. Until now much of Indonesia marine boundaries with neighboring countries are still unfinished. Implementation of UUD 1945 Article 18 and 25 juncto Law No.32/2004 juncto Regulation of the ministry of home affairs No. 1/2006 about determination and demarcation of boundaries (including marine boundary) hasn’t realized. There is no certain boundaries of exploitation and utilization activities in ocean space by institutional (sector), nor implementation of marine management in eastern Indonesia that more often faced with the existence of customary marine management caused overlapping claims marine areas that can raise marine boundaries conflicts between regions, sectors or customary.
In general, marine cadastre deals with how states define, organize and manage marine boundaries in their countries. This condition causes marine cadastre concepts in continental countries such as America, Canada, and Australia can not be fully implemented in Indonesia. Marine cadastre concept for Indonesia should adopt the archipelago needs, in the context associated with UNCLOS'82, Law No. 32 2004 about regional autonomy, Law No.27 2007 about coastal management areas and small islands, and customary marine authority. This paper is part of dissertation research in order to build model of marine cadastre system uses evaluation definition approach and geospatial information principles.

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