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The Influence of Live Streaming Shopping Activities on Attitude Towards Purchase Intention

Skripsi, 006 / 2023 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-11-30 11:37:51
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Keyword : Live streaming, purchase intention, trust in seller, trust in platform, entertainment, credibility, informativeness, and interactivity


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Since 2011, one of the most popular new trading models has been live streaming, which has changed the platform into a vibrant multi-media platform that provides amusement, socializing, and economic activities (Hilvert-Bruce et al., 2018). The rapid development of marketing media, particularly live streaming services, is anticipated to be incorporated into the social, voice, and visual widespread in the future, which can influence customers\' behavior while making purchasing decisions at any moment (Chen & Lin, 2018). Therefore, this study aims to understand more about the stimuli that motivate customer behaviour towards marketing through live streaming in order to help marketers or business people to increase purchase intentions and reach appropriate consumers, such as optimising sales strategies, so that the company\'s position in the market competition can be maintained. The purposeful ways to sample were implemented for this research, with questionnaires distributed digitally to TikTok social media users who had seen live-streaming promotions in Indonesia. The third version of SmartPLS was used to process the data collected from up to 443 respondents. The researchers can use the data processing findings from the current research, which revealed customer attitudes toward live streaming in the form of trust in sellers and trust in platforms, can be used to measure the influence of each variable interpreted as advertising value on consumer behavior, namely product purchase intention in TikTok live stream promotions. Each variable that significantly influences purchase intention includes credibility, informativeness and interactivity through the intermediary, namely the variable attitude towards live streaming. In addition, several recommendations for optimising livestream shopping are provided in Appendix 2. Keywords: Live streaming, purchase intention, trust in seller, trust in platform, entertainment, credibility, informativeness, and interactivity.

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