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Designing Tiktok Marketing Strategy to Increase Engagement of Brand: A Case Study of Morumotto

Skripsi, 008 / 2023 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-11-30 11:44:05
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Keyword : SMM, Content Marketing, TikTok, Customer Brand Engagement, Brand Awareness, Purchase Intention


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This study seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of social media marketing and content marketing in raising customer brand engagement, brand awareness, and purchase intention. Users of TikTok who have viewed baby product-related content on the platform make up the research population. The study employs a mix-method. Online surveys are used to collect research data in a quantitative method. Three hundred ninety-five people made up the study's sample. Data is gathered using a qualitative technique by asking open-ended questions and conducting in-depth interviews. This study gives academics and businesspeople the critical information that they need to understand the impact of SMM and TikTok content marketing have had on consumer brand engagement, brand awareness, and purchase intent. From the research results that have been found from this study, viewers have a positive opinion of the elements of social media marketing (SMM). These elements are entertainment, interaction, and content marketing. According to descriptive analysis, all variables are accepted favourably by the respondents. Trendy perceptions are rejected because viewers sometimes think that the baby products presented on TikTok are no longer trendy and up to date Keywords: SMM, Content Marketing, TikTok, Customer Brand Engagement, Brand Awareness, Purchase Intention.

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