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Developing Brands Social Customer Relationship Management Through Social Media Engagement And Information Processes

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Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-11-30 11:46:15
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Keyword : S-CRM, CRM, Customer Relationship Performance, Dynamic Capabilities Theory


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Social media has an important roles for brand, especially for marketing purpose. The number of internet and social media user has significantly increased each year. It is shows that it is necessary that business has to adapt with the development. One of the development of technology is social media, and one of the use of social media for brand is S-CRM which defined as the implementation of social media as brand CRM. This study's major goals are to better comprehend the various S-CRM components, examine their interrelationships, and determine how widely S-CRM is utilized in local brands. This research's theoretical underpinning is the idea of dynamic capacities. It illustrates how social media can result in a variety of performance outcomes as a resource that is widely available. In order to improve the quality of customer relationships, this research aims to examine a variety of factors, including the capacities of front-office and back-office S-CRM technologies, customer engagement programs, and social information processes. These variables, as well as their interactions, were carefully examined using mix method which consist quantitaive by using questionaire and qualitative by using open-ended question and in-depth interview, the measurement of this study is using PLS analysis for quantitaive and qualitative analysis for qualitative. According to this study, customer interaction and information flow have an impact on how well businesses function with CRM. The results also imply that more work has to be done in Local brands to build S-CRM. This paper offers a theoretical framework that information systems and marketing scientists and practitioners may use to strategically and tactically maneuver S-CRM (Social Customer Relationship Management) while preserving its distinctive traits. Keywords: S-CRM, CRM, Customer Relationship Performance, Dynamic Capabilities Theory.

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