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Nudging Zillenials Toward Sustainable Consumption: Empowering Farm-To-Table Dining In Indonesian Tourism

Skripsi, 011 / 2023 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-11-30 12:21:30
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Keyword : S-O-R Theory, environmental concern, user-generated content, functional value, emotional value, attitude, purchase intention, farm-to-table concept


Deskripsi Alternatif :

The growth in tourist trips during pre-pandemic positively impacted Indonesia's economy but it can lead to negative environmental consequences. The role of food and beverage in the tourism sector caused pollution and food waste. Strategies to reduce food miles and carbon footprint include sustainable consumption practices, exemplified by the farm-to-table concept. The farm-to-table concept holds considerable growth potential in Indonesia, known for its food diversity. This dining approach aligns with Generations Y and Z's notable interest or concern toward environmental and sustainability issues. However, environmental concern doesn't constantly translate to pro-environmental behavior. This study investigates the pattern of young consumers' purchase intention toward farm-to-table dining (F2T) through the stimulus-organism-response model. An online survey was employed to collect data from 405 respondents who had experience with green food, consisting of young consumers in Indonesia. The results of data analysis using PLS-SEM indicate a significant impact of user-generated content engagement as an informational stimulus toward young consumers' perceived values (functional value and emotional value), which in turn translates environmental concern to green purchase intention through attitude. This research contributes to understanding consumers' decision-making patterns regarding sustainable consumption in farm-to-table dining (F2T).

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