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Evaluating the Application of Korean Idols As Local Brand Ambassador Skincare Toward Consumer Satisfaction, Consumer Perceptions, and the Best Advertisement Intended By Consumers

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Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-11-30 12:26:41
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Keyword : brand ambassador, consumers' perception, advertising, consumers' satisfaction, local skincare


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Many brands take various steps and marketing strategies to get market attention; one of the strategies is the brand ambassador. Using celebrities as brand ambassadors are done by a brand in advertising to increase sales, especially to their fans (Siskhawati & Atman Maulana, 2021). The brand ambassador frequently does endorsements on their social media to bring more consumers' brand awareness and increase the brand's value (Yang, 2022). However, sometimes brand ambassadors who have over-popularity can create a negative response to the brand (Wang et al., 2016), especially if the brand ambassador does not reflect Indonesian skin concerns. Nowadays, local skincare still uses perfect skin celebrities like Korean idols as their brand ambassador to promote local skincare products, which are incompatible. Using Korean idols as local brand ambassadors can build a negative brand image for the company because consumers feel unsatisfied when they do not meet expectations. This research aims to determine consumers' perceptions and satisfaction with local skincare products. In addition, this research uses a qualitative method to explore consumers' perceptions and how local advertisements that could fulfill consumers' expectations. In-depth interviews were carried out for data collection. This study showed that the best advertising concept for consumers is showing progress in how the product works and using Indonesian celebrities as local brand ambassadors who know the product. Rather than focus on using Korean idols as local brand ambassadors, brands should use a more natural model, which might bring inclusion and diversity. Keywords: brand ambassador, consumers' perception, advertising, consumers' satisfaction, local skincare.

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