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Building Customer Experience Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention Toward Smart Robot Waiters Restaurants: A Study on Reveuse Resto

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Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-11-30 12:30:07
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Keyword : Extended Technology Acceptance Model; Customer Satisfaction Value; Smart Robot Waiters; Restaurant


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The growth of technology in the world is increasingly advanced and will continue to develop every time. Thanks to the industrial revolution 4.0, almost all industrial sectors are starting to be supported by technological assistance. The emergence of robots in the service industry is one of the improvements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Services robots are increasingly popular due to the increasing demand to support human needs. Services robots can potentially revolutionize many aspects of the modern world, especially in serving restaurant consumers. Smart Robot Waiters are believed to help restaurant owners manage food preparation more optimally. Although this robot service exists globally, unfortunately, The use of robot services in restaurants is still relatively new.. Therefore, the level of consumer adoption of robot services in restaurants will be studied in this research by comparing two groups based on gender, namely, men and female. The Extended TAM model and the Customer Experience Value model will be used in this study through a mixed-method approach. Data is obtained from distributing questionnaires to 419 consumers and through interviews with 5 informants. Quantitative data is processed using SmartPLS 4.0 software. Findings from the results of this study indicate that overall consumers feel a sense of experiential satisfaction when visiting robot-based restaurants. This triggers an increased intention to revisit and spread positive information to relatives. Therefore, it is recommended that the industry can create programs that can increase satisfaction and positive consumer behavioral intentions. Keywords: Extended Technology Acceptance Model; Customer Satisfaction Value; Smart Robot Waiters; Restaurant.

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