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Building Tourist Environmentally Behavioral Intention in Coastal Tourism: A Study Of Pangandaran Beach

Skripsi, 016 / 2023 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-11-30 12:33:20
Oleh : 195264026 - Sahwa Azhari
Dibuat : 2023-11-30, dengan 4 file

Keyword : Theory of Planned Behavior, Environmental Awareness, Environmental Concern, Connectedness to Nature, and Engagement with Nature


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Indonesia has marine potential and beautiful natural panoramas, one of which is coastal tourism. Based on the Word Atlas, Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has a coastline reaching 99 km in length and is the second longest coastline after Canada This supports Indonesia in having a coastline that can be used as a tourist attraction. Coastal tourism is a form of coastal tourism that utilizes water and coastal resources as its superior assets. The Pangandaran beach is one of seven popular water tourism in West Java. Pangandaran tourists has reach 3 million people The number of visits is thought to threaten the ecosystem and damage to the coast of Pangandaran. This research was conducted to determine the interest and motivation of Pangandaran coastal tourists in carrying out a pro-environmental behavior. This research focuses on male and female Indonesian tourists who have visited the coast of Pangandaran directly by using a combination of Theory of Planned Behavior and Embodied Emotional Path as well as the additional variables Environmental Concern and Environmental Awareness. Therefore this study used a quantitative and qualitative approach of 404 respondents by distributing online quessionaires, followed by qualitative in depth interview to 5 people that has been going to Pangandaran beach. Smart-PLS 3.2 is used to measure the data. This study show that environmental awareness and environmental concern are effected the attitude, perceived and subjective norm the males and females of coastal tourism in Pangandaran Beach to do the environmental behavior intention. Therefore the external factor Engagement with Nature is significantly effect the the environmental behavior of Coastal Tourism in Pangandaran Beach. Therefore the companies or the administrator of Pangandaran beach need to be more concern on cleanliness and waste of the coastal environment. Keywords: Theory of Planned Behavior, Environmental Awareness, Environmental Concern, Connectedness to Nature, and Engagement with Nature.

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