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Factors Driving Consumer Impulse Buying on Fashion Products at Tiktok Live

Skripsi, 019 / 2023 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-11-30 12:58:53
Oleh : 195264029 - Sandra Putri Kaniati (
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Keyword : SOR Model, impulse buying, perceived risk, TikTok Live, fashion products


Deskripsi Alternatif :

TikTok Live is new live streaming commerce developing rapidly in Indonesia. Several local fashion brands have successfully utilized the opportunity to increase their sales in just a few hours. Past studies proposed that there is impulsive buying behavior as the background of those phenomena. Therefore, this study conducted to determine consumer behavior in live streaming commerce to help small fashion business increase their sales. The Stimulus Organism Response (SOR) Model using price promotion, promotion time limit, streamerconsumer interaction, and consumer-consumer interaction influence impulsive buying by perceived risk. The quantitative approach collected 445 data from Indonesia TikTok active users who have watching TikTok Live fashion broadcast and have purchased during the broadcast. Along with that, qualitative study interviewed three appropriate consumers and two practitioners to support the findings. The result found that perceived risk has significant effect on impulsive buying behavior. Price promotion, promotion time limit, and consumer-consumer interaction have significant effect on perceived risk. As well as perceived risk play meditating role between promotion time limit and impulse buying decision which means promotional time limit has indirect positive significant effect on impulse buying decision. Thus, the study outcome proposed effective TikTok Live marketing strategy for fashion products to lower consumer perceived risk, elaborate impactful external stimulus, and an effective promotion time limit which hopefully can help Indonesia small fashion businesses to increase their sales in TikTok Live. Keywords: SOR Model, impulse buying, perceived risk, TikTok Live, fashion products.

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