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Predicting The Adoption Of Virtual Reality In The Hospitality Industry: A Study on PT Sari Ater

Skripsi, 020 / 2023 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-11-30 13:00:36
By : 195264031 - Widya Ayu Kumarasari (
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Keyword : virtual reality, VAM, VR quality, behavioral intention


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The aim of this research is to investigate the intention of tourists in using VR technology in hospitality. This study also analyzes VR tourism in terms of technology quality. So, it can be useful for the industry in developing VR technology in hospitality. Then, data collection was carried out through a survey involving 500 respondents. The data were then processed and analyzed using the partial least squares-structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) technique and then confirmed by interviewing VR tourism users, tourist destination managers, VR tourism developers. The results of this study indicate that VR quality has an effect on benefits, while the effect is not significant on sacrifices. Then the perceived value is influenced by the benefits of VR and the sacrifices are only perceived risk which has an effect on perceived value. Perceived value has a significant effect on behavioral intention to use VR. This research will provide an understanding of the hospitality industry in building VR. Theoretically, this study is the first to use VAM and VR quality in analyzing behavioral intention to use VR in the hospitality industry.

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