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The Role of E-Service Quality, Transactional Cost, and Experiential Value on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty toward Online Mobile Game Application

Skripsi, 003 / 2019 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2019-11-29 13:13:01
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Keyword : Online Mobile Game, E-Service Quality, Transactional Cost, Experiential Value, Satisfaction, Loyalty


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The mobile game application has become a valuable business tool in e-commerce business channel. Indonesia is the potensial market for the game industry. With this oportunity, the mobile game industry faces competition, every company competing to get a large market share. In this study, the author measure several factors that can affect satisfaction and loyalty in online mobile game services. The objective of this study is to understand the functions in OMG applications through construction that has been determined by three frameworks, including E-Service Quality, Transactional Cost, and Experiential Value. Questionnaires were distributed to customer of online mobile games in Indonesia with a total of 406 respondent. Also, use the analysis of Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Model (PLS-SEM) to find out the relationship between the variables used. The results of analysis indicate that the 3 frameworks have a significant and positive effect directly on customer satisfaction toward OMG Application usage. Especially, experiential value has a more significant effect directly and indirectly on customer loyalty. While the variable of transactional cost and e-service quality is not significant directly on customer loyalty. This finding implies that offering more experiential value, managing service quality well, and providing acceptable transaction costs. It is an effective key to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty toward OMG App. The results of this study are expected to provide input for corporate and developer of online games mobile in choosing and adopting the key factors of the online mobile game satisfaction and loyalty model. Keywords: Online Mobile Game, E-Service Quality, Transactional Cost, Experiential Value, Satisfaction, Loyalty.

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