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Examining Indonesian Consumers' Intention to Purchase Skincare Product: A Comparison Between Local and International Brand

Skripsi, 005 / 2019 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2019-11-29 13:12:51
By : Driane Maulida Dwitari - 155264006 (
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Keyword : Brand image, Subjective norm, Attitude, Perceived behavioral control, Purchase intention, Skincare product


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The global skincare market is a promising market which its share is widening every year, and as the response of the international market, Indonesian beauty product market especially the skincare product proposes a similar situation. The demand for skincare product in Indonesia testified the consistent and rapid growth of 10-20 percent per annum, yet the Indonesian consumers still prefer the imported product rather than the local product. This study aims to seek the perception and provide the understanding of critical factors that influence Indonesian consumers to purchase the local brand, as well as the international brand of skincare product, also observe the structural differences between the local and international brand of skincare product. Thus, this study will be envisioning the purchase intention and predicting the concept of the decision-making process, which is critical for the marketers. The evolvement and examination of a structural equation in this study utilise the extended Theory of Planned Behavior to explain the purchase intention of Indonesian consumers to the skincare product. Suggesting seven hypotheses as regard to the relationship between brand image and the original construct of TPB were proposed. The results from the analysis are forming from a total of 470 respondents perform on predicting the proposed hypotheses. The findings of this study reveal that the attitude construct presents as the most exceptional perception among the Indonesian consumers of skincare. Furthermore, from the seven proposed hypotheses, only the relationship of subjective norm and purchase intention is rejected. Besides, the three indirect effects through attitude construct were found and established the connection of subjective norm and purchase intention into a significant linkage. The yield of the Multigroup analysis exhibits that mostly the insignificant differences were found, yet the significant difference only found on brand image and purchase intention also brand image and perceived behavioral control. Keywords: Brand image, Subjective norm, Attitude, Perceived behavioral control, Purchase intention, Skincare product.

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