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Examining Product Attributes, Brand Equity, and Brand Loyalty across Domestic and International Brand

SCBTII Proceeding "The 8th International Conference on Sustainable Collaboration in Business, Technology Information and Innovation. Bandung, July 20th 2017. ISBN : 978-602-73324-2-3
Proceeding from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2018-01-29 08:31:39
By : Dwi Suhartanto; Dwi Irianto; Dewi Purnamasari; Yuniasari Megandini (
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Keyword : Product attribute, brand equity, country of origin, brand loyalty

Although many studies have examined the influence of country-of-origin towards customer buying decision, a few research has evaluated the indirect influence of country-of-origin on customer buying decision in a lowinvolvement consumer product (ice cream). This research compares the effect of product attributes and brand equity toward brand loyalty across the domestic and international brand. This study predicts that international brand is perceived as superior compared to local brand. The sample of this study, 574 students, was collected from Bandung, Indonesia. The result shows that product attributes, equity, and loyalty of domestic brand are significantly different from that of the international brand product. The finding of this research confirms that international brand is perceived as superior than domestic brand in terms of product attributes and brand equity. Lastly, related to loyalty, this study reveals that both product attribute and brand equity are important determinants of brand loyalty for the international brand, while for domestic brand only brand equity affect significantly brand loyalty.

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