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Examining Advertising Appeals on Customer's Purchase Intention of High and Low Involvement Product

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Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2019-11-29 13:28:38
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Keyword : Advertising appeal, advertising attitude, brand attitude, purchase intention


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In today's competitive world, advertising has become a pivotal tool to influence the consumer's decision to buy a product. Advertising media such as television is essential communication channels between the company and consumers. Television still considered an effective medium for advertising, combining both visual and oral communication. Moreover, Companies spent a lot of money on advertising to get consumer attention, especially in two categories of consumer products, high and low involvement product. They can attract customers and make them interested, leading to purchase intention. Consumer tend to have different response toward the product advertising, so companies should create an effective advertising through advertising appeal to get more attention from customer. Consumer will be more likely to be involved with product advertised if it has emotional and rational values messages. In the other hand, there is lack of knowledge about execution aspect of each appeal on different product categories. Hence, this study is carried out to measure the influence of emotional and rational advertising and other variables under customer purchase intention, and to examine the difference between high and low product involvement in emotional and rational advertising appeals forming customer purchase intention. The online questionnaire was distributed to collect the data. Using a sample of 419 Indonesian audiences who watch television commercials in Bandung, Indonesia. SEM-PLS was applied to assess the proposed model. The result is rational appeal can affect brand attitude better. These findings can be effective for advertising to enhance customer purchase intention. Keywords: Advertising appeal, advertising attitude, brand attitude, purchase intention.

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