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Exploring Service Performance Caused By Customer Incivility Upon Coffee Shop In Bandung City

Skripsi, 035 / 2020 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2021-02-18 21:05:23
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Keyword : Customer Incivility, Emotional Exhaust, Service Performance


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The development of the industrial revolution has changed from manufacturing production to service quality. Service performance in a business is important to note, especially in the service sector. One way to maintain business is by maintaining the quality of its services as well as in the food and beverages sector, including the coffee shop business. At the coffee shop, the key thing that held is hospitality and excellent service. Of course, there will be customers who are not satisfied with the services provided. They often direct this dissatisfaction at the service provider unkindly, it is called customer incivility. This customer incivility often makes baristas feel uncomfortable at work. Therefore, special attention is needed regarding customer incivility. This research aims to identify forms of customer incivility, determine the form of emotional exhaust, and determine the effect of customer incivility on service performance. Moreover, in answering the objectives of this research, qualitative research is used. The results of the findings of this research showing that there are three insignificant in several categories including barista response to customer incivility, emotional exhaust on baristas, and the effect of service performance. However, the category of customer incivility, it is indicated significance. So, the category of customer incivility needs special attention.

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