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Sales Promotion And Purchase Intention: Application Of Modified Technology Acceptance Model At Shopee Indonesia E-Marketplace

Skripsi, 011 / 2019 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2019-11-29 13:45:05
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Keyword : Sales Promotion, Purchase Intention, Technology Acceptance Model, Shopee, EMarketplace


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As one of the rapidly increasing e-marketplace, Shopee routinely holds sales promotion that is held annually. The annual promo held by Shopee has succeeded in increasing consumer purchase intention. However, when Shopee doesn't hold an annual promo, there is a decrease in the number of visits from Shopee e-marketplace. Therefore, the modification of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is used to determine the effect of sales promotion on purchase intention. In addition, this research was conducted to determine what factors can make consumers have a purchase intention when they visit Shopee e-marketplace. The primary data used in this research were obtained from 400 respondents who had made purchases at Shopee Indonesia e-marketplace. The results show that sales promotion significantly influence purchase intention, but one component of TAM that is perceived ease of use doesn't significantly influence purchase intention. This result can be used as an implication for Shopee and also Shopee sellers to attract more consumers to shop online at Shopee e-marketplace. Keywords: Sales Promotion, Purchase Intention, Technology Acceptance Model, Shopee, EMarketplace

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