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The Effect of Product Quality, Service Quality, and Contextual Experience on Repurchase Intention in Bandung

Skripsi, 012 / 2019 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2019-11-29 13:47:35
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Keyword : product quality, service quality, and contextual experience


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This research motivated by the high level of coffee consumption in Indonesia. In this case, business people innovate in establishing a coffee shop business to meet the standard of community demand for coffee consumption. The community generally knows coffee shops as a place to stop to gather with friends or study together. At present, there are so many coffee shops that have sprung up by offering excellence from product quality, service quality, or the atmosphere of a coffee shop. These advantages will be the main factor in creating a consumer buying experience in a coffee shop, where the positive experience felt by consumers will create the intention to buy. This research was designed to analyze the influence of product quality, service quality, and contextual experience on the purchase intention at an independent coffee shop in Bandung, which through perceived value researchers divided into two parts, hedonic values and utilitarian values. This study uses descriptive research designs and quantitative approaches. The researcher uses partial least squares variance based (PLS-SEM) and applies SmartPLS 3.0 in data processing because this study also aims to validate the proposed theory and research model. The data collected through questionnaires distributed to 214 respondents who were consumers in an independent coffee shop. The result of this study show that contextual experience is a determinant with the most substantial influence on customer purchase intention also can use as a formulation of marketing strategies that can improve the quality of products and services as well as contextual experience to create a consumer purchase intention. Keywords: product quality, service quality, and contextual experience.

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