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Assessing Purchase Intention Toward Sport Hijab: The Role Of Brand Awareness And Brand Image

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Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2019-11-29 13:54:18
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Keyword : Purchase intention, brand awareness, brand image, sports hijab


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Hijab fashion grows in various Muslim countries, including Indonesia and also impact to a company in developing following the needs, as hijab for exercise. Sports hijab are available in various brands, from local to international brands. The purpose of this study is to identify factors that can influence the purchase intention of sports hijab products in Muslim hijab women. In particular, brand awareness and brand image are the variables used in the study to determine their effect to purchase intention as the dependent variable. Data collection was provided out through the distribution of online questionnaires to 456 respondents of Muslim women wearing hijabs and doing sports activities in West Java, Indonesia and testing with the PLS-SEM measurement method as the most suitable technique for research with the aim of exploratory or prediction modeling, accompanied by testing the outer and inner model measurement. The research findings show that both brand awareness and brand image have a positive and significant effect on the purchase intention of sports hijab brand for Muslim women wearing hijab. On the other hand, brand awareness variable is a more important factor than the brand image on influence purchase intention. Besides that, brand awareness can also influence brand image well. The findings refer to a company that has a focus on creating an awareness through brand awareness form to the consumer about their brand, especially sports hijab. Also, the result of the study is to suggest for spots hijab's company to increase its performance on promoting the brand and product by determining brand knowledge model. Keywords: Purchase intention, brand awareness, brand image, sports hijab.

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