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Developing Intention to Play Video Games on Generation Y and Generation Z: A Study of Indonesian Video Game Industry

Skripsi, 053 / 2021 / MPI
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-01-09 13:23:15
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Keyword : video games, game design, intention to play, enjoyment


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Video game has been a growing interest overtime since the first time it was founded. The fact that the video game industry keeps growing over the time triggered people around the world to try and provide the best possible game they could offer, that includes Indonesian game Industry that has developed massively over the course of the decade. Regardless of which, video games made by Indonesian developers tend to be ignored by the local Indonesian market where they prefer foreign games over local ones. To overcome this crisis, Indonesian video game industry ought to overcome this problem with a game design that appeals to Indonesian players. To solve the issue, it is needed to analyze factors influencing players' intention to play local games. The large outline of how a game is built can e inferred from its design which can be analyzed by testing its attributes. Game design attributes consist of novelty, variety, challenge, and design aesthetics. A game of quality is enjoyable to be played and its content is interesting and appealing, which means that the enjoyment and content quality will also be analyzed further. This research will employ both qualitative and quantitative method for its findings. Structural equation model will be used as a method of data analysis of this research. The findings of this research indicates that game design attributes significantly affect players' intention to play a game, and that the appeal of a game is more attractive than technical features of the game itself.

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