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Behavior Intention Toward Eco-Label Green Beverages Product: Millenial Perspective

Skripsi, 018 / 2019 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2019-11-29 14:06:51
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Keyword : Theory of Planned Behavior, Ecolabel knowledge, subjective norms, behavior believe, attitude, behavior intention, beverage products


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Consumer purchasing behavior is currently changing. Consumers are now starting to realize that each of their purchases affects the environment. These changes are a problem for the industry. This makes the industry have to make new strategies and start creating environmentally friendly products to meet current consumer demand. But these efforts have not yet become a solution. Because in reality, sometimes consumers find it difficult to distinguish between products that are environmentally friendly and products that are not environmentally friendly. Companies must be able to provide communication tools to consumers who begin to prefer on environmentally friendly products. The use of ecolabel can be one solution in delivering a green message. With eco-labels, consumers will easily understand that a product is environmentally friendly or not. This research will prove whether the use of eco-labeling and knowledge about ecolabels will be effective to generate consumer buying interest in the future. By using the Theory of Planned Behavior as a research framework this research focuses on millennial generations (people aged 18-35 years). Distributed through online questionnaires, data in this study collected from 460 respondents. The results of this research show that all hypotheses are accepted, and the belief behavior variable is the variable that has the greatest influence on behavior intention. This research is expected to be a reference for industries, especially the beverage industry, to start producing environmentally friendly products and using eco-labels as green communication devices on their products. For managerial implications, companies must be able to convey the meaning, type, credibility and positive attitude of eco-labels. Keywords: Theory of Planned Behavior, Ecolabel knowledge, subjective norms, behavior believe, attitude, behavior intention, beverage products.

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