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  • Supervisor : Prof. Drs. Dwi Suhartanto, MCM., Ph.D.

    Co-Supervisor: Rafiati Kania, S.Si., MSM., Editor: Erlin Arvelina


Path: Top > Skripsi - D4 > 2017 > Jurusan Administrasi Niaga > Program Studi Manajemen Pemasaran > 2020

Ordering Of Halal Food Through Online Food Delivery: An Empirical Study Of The Factors Affecting Consumer Loyalty

Skripsi, 042 / 2020 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2021-02-18 21:17:39
Oleh : Nisa Zakia - 165264055 (
Dibuat : 2021-02-18, dengan 4 file

Keyword : Halal food, online food delivery, electronic service quality, food quality, trust, satisfaction and loyalty


Deskripsi Alternatif :

The pandemic of Covid-19 impact has made people aware of the importance of food. The increase in demand for halal food is even projected to continue to increase. In taking advantage of halal food opportunities, it is necessary to use technology such as digital platforms, namely online food delivery. However, this creates stiff competition in the food industry business environment, particularly in Muslim countries. Halal food brands do not only compete with other halal food brands but are conventional. Researchers aim to look at the factors that influence customer loyalty as a strategy for business success. This study uses an integrated quality loyalty model consist of the electronic service quality, food quality, trust, satisfaction, and loyalty. The distribution questionnaires to 371 residents of Bandung Raya. Furthermore, Partial Least Square Modeling is used as a method of analysis to test the hypothesis in the proposed research model. The results showed that electronic service quality, food quality, trust, and satisfaction were the factors that influenced loyalty. This study results broaden the theoretical perspective the application of the quality loyalty model in the context of ordering halal food through online food delivery. In addition, suggesting suggestions for doing digital promotion on social media. Keywords: Halal food, online food delivery, electronic service quality, food quality, trust, satisfaction and loyalty.

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