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The Influence of Innoavtion on Consumer Loyalty in a Small Business Company (SME's): Case Study of Coffee Shop (G3 Coffee and Farm Bandung)

Skripsi, 044 / 2020 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2021-02-18 21:20:50
Oleh : Ramadhana Desarel Qisthiansyah - 165264057 (
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Keyword : Coffee, Coffee Shop, Innovation, Consumer Loyalty


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The coffee shop business is growing in Indonesia, especially in several big cities of Indonesia. The growing number of coffee shops implies the opportunities and considerable the coffee shop business. Coffee shop now is a place to spend time together with the closest people to be a place to finish a job by various ages. From the increasingly fierce competition in the coffee shop business, business people who want to create a coffee shop must have high creativity and create new ideas in the coffee shop business which become an innovation in the coffee shop world. G3 Coffee and Farm is an object of research that has implemented product and marketing innovations. Therefore, this study aims to measure the activities of marketing innovation and product innovation of G3 Coffee and Farm and to measure the influence of marketing innovation and product innovation on consumer loyalty at G3 Coffee and Farm. With as many as 300 respondents with criteria who have come and bought at G3 Coffee and Farm. The results show that product innovation and marketing innovation have a significant effect on consumer loyalty. The findings of this study will be useful for G3 Coffee and Farm and small and medium businesses in designing innovative and creative marketing strategies that can increase competitiveness and keep customers loyal. Keyword: Coffee, Coffee Shop, Innovation, Consumer Loyalty.

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