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Tourist Loyalty Toward Bandung As Shopping Destination: A Perspective Of Apparel Product

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Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2019-11-29 14:14:54
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Keyword : Attributes of shopping satisfaction, overall satisfaction, destination loyalty


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Consumer visits are very important for the tourism industry. However, the data shows that consumers have used a lot of online media to shop for apparel rather than having to visit certain shopping destinations that require more effort. Therefore, research needs to be done to find out what factors can make consumers prefer shopping destinations when buying apparel products rather than through online media. So, research is important to uncover what factors can actually make consumers feel satisfied and visit again in the future. Because of these changes, consumer loyalty to shopping destinations is important. Thus, the industry must reveal what factors can increase consumer loyalty. This research explores the role of attributes of shopping satisfaction and destination image on tourist loyalty towards apparel shopping satisfaction. This study uses an exploratory-descriptive approach with a focus on apparel shopping destination in Bandung. Data is collected from 318 consumers who have purchased apparel product in shopping destination in Bandung, Indonesia. Data were analyzed using partial least squares (PLS-SEM) structural modeling. In addition, this study revealed destination image and four of attributes of shopping satisfaction (namely attractive value, convenience, environment, and service) positively influence toward tourist loyalty. While the other two attributes, namely accessibility, and value, have no significant effect. In addition, overall image and consumer satisfaction significantly influence consumer loyalty. This study provides guidance for developing marketing strategies for the apparel shopping destination industry. Keywords: Attributes of shopping satisfaction, overall satisfaction, destination loyalty.

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