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The Influence of Firm Generated Content and E-WoM Engagement Through Instagram on Consumer Purchase Intention: The Case Study of Hijup E-Commerce

Skripsi, 045 / 2020 / IM
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2021-02-18 21:25:10
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Keyword : Fashion E-Commerce, Hijup, Social Media, Instagram, Firm Generated Content, Information Quality, Information Credibility, Attitude toward E-WoM, EWoM Engagement, Purchase Intention


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Internet users are increasing, causing entrepreneurs to start business in the online world. Many e-commerce has emerged, including in the fashion sector, one of them is Hijup. Various social media platforms are the choices of fashion e-commerce in marketing their products, including Instagram, which is the best platform for promoting brands because it can reach all of its followers. Hijup is the most popular fashion e-commerce on Instagram compared to its competitors. Still, its performance on the website is not directly proportional to its performance on Instagram. Social media itself provide various features to make it easier for companies to share information directly with consumers through the content generated (Daiya & Roy, 2016) and also provide platform features that encourage someone to do e-WoM (I. Erkan & Evans, 2016). In the same way, Instagram has features that allow interactions between companies and consumers in the content generated on company's official accounts, and allow interactions between consumers which is presented on e-WoM. Thus, this study aims to find out how the promotion of Hijup on Instagram affects consumer purchase intentions in terms of content generated by Hijup company and E-WoM engagement on Instagram using variables of Firm Generated Content, Information Quality and Information Credibility from ELM theory, and Attitude toward E-WoM from the TRA theory. This study used data from 396 respondents as visitors and/or followers of Hijup's Instagram account. Then the data were analyzed using the Smart PLS software. The results of this study indicate that the hypothesis between Firm Generated Content and Attitude toward E-WoM significantly affects E-WoM Engagement and Purchase Intention. Likewise, E-WoM Engagement itself has a significant effect on Purchase Intention. However, Information Quality and Information Credibility have no significant relationship to E-WoM Engagement and Purchase Intention. Therefore, Hijup needs to maintain the content created on Instagram and pay attention to the e-WoM distributed by consumers. This study is only limited to Instagram as the media and specifically examines Hijup. Further research can explore other media and fashion e-commerce in general so that it's more extensive. This study has useful insights, especially for Hijup company to evaluate and consider their promotional performance on Instagram regarding the content generated and e-WoM engagement.

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