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The Role Of Event Sponsorship To Increase Brand Awareness And Purchase Intention: Studies On The 361° Brand At Asian Games Event In 2018

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Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2019-11-29 14:21:54
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Keyword : Sponsorship events, brand awareness, purchase intention, Asian Games in 2018, Sport apparel


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The sports industry is one essential aspect of a country\'s economic development. Through sports industrialization, a sports facility and event will improve the quality of athletes, and this increase was obtained from sports investors. Decreasing retail numbers does not always have an impact on revenue, as evidenced by the 361˚ brand sports apparel company from China, which has increased revenue in 2017 to 2016. Sponsorship events are things that are often done by companies in conducting promotions, as done by 361˚, proven to all the world companies issued sponsorship funds have increased. Even those brands dare to sponsor events in countries that have not yet become a market area. So this study purposes to determine the role of event sponsorship to increase brand awareness and purchase intention in the 361˚ brand, using event sponsorship as independent variable such as fit, attitude and event involvement. One of the recently sponsored events is the Asian Games event in 2018 at Jakarta-Palembang. The data obtained were 400 respondents use directly distributing questionnaires in the Bandung area such us GOR Sasaga and Saparua. The data collected were processed using Smart-PLS and analyzed using SEM. This study found seven hypotheses. The results of this study indicate that there is a positive relationship between brand awareness and purchase intention, suitability in the event towards brand awareness and purchase intention, brand awareness of the attitude of sponsorship events, event sponsorship attitudes towards purchase intentions. In contrast, event involvement does not a positive relationship between brand awareness and purchase intention. Keywords: Sponsorship events, brand awareness, purchase intention, Asian Games in 2018, Sport apparel.

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