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  • Supervisor: Drs. Agustinus C. Februadi, M.Phil., Ph.D., Editor: Erlin Arvelina


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The Effect Of Electronic Word Of Mouth (E-WOM) Towards Purchase Intention Among Generation-Y On Social Media Instagram: A Case Study On Celebrity Endorser Of Fashion Products

Skripsi, 024 / 2018 / MPI
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2018-10-24 15:45:32
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Keyword : Electronic Word of Mouth (E-WOM), Instagram Endorse, and Purchase Intention


Deskripsi Alternatif :

The high users of social media Instagram are used by marketers for business activities. to conduct such business activities, marketers used E-WOM as a promotional tool. E-WOM is a positive or negative statement about a product on media virtual and changes consumer behaviour. E-WOM activities are mostly using celebrity endorser, the endorser is a person or character and aims to promote the product or service and became a representative of the product. The existence of E-WOM activity by endorser can affect the interest of purchase, when someone has received E-WOM the possibility of the consumer will intention to find a information, intention to find a product, intention to try, be solicitous to have a product, and action. E-WOM become a topic that needs to be discussed. Previous studies have shown either positive or negative E-WOM influencing buying interest. Majority studies conducted on E-WOM evaluated the relationships between positive E-WOM and some other behavioural variables. Research using negative E-WOM on social media is limited. and research about negative E-WOM on comment column has not been done in Indonesia. In addition, the influence of gender may affect buying interest, but the difference between the two is still unknown, so the purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of positive and negative E-WOM on purchase intention and identify the E-WOM dimension that has the most significant impact on the purchase intention of fashion products and influenced purchase intention by gender This study uses primary data from survey results in the spread of questionnaires and secondary data about certain phenomena of Instagram users in Indonesia. The sample of this research is Y generation in Bandung City, meaning that the age limit of the respondent must be 18-35 years old. Data from the results of this study were processed using warpPLs 6.0. The data show that the expressing positive feeling dimensions as positive E-WOM has a high influence compared to other dimensions, its meant that positive E-WOM is more influential than negative EWOM for the case of the celebrity endorser. The existence of gender differences also affects consumer purchase intention after receiving EWOM, the result is the female influence is higher than male because female has a hedonic attitude in shopping fashion product. Keywords: Electronic Word of Mouth (E-WOM), Instagram Endorse, and Purchase Intention.

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