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  • Supervisor: Dr. Lusianus Kusdibyo, MBA., Editor: Erlin Arvelina


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Loyalty Toward Life Insurance In Indonesia: The Role Of Perceived Value And Satisfaction

Skripsi, 025 / 2018 / MPI
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2018-10-24 15:47:11
By : Shella Prasetyo - 145264028 (
Created : 2018-10-24, with 4 files

Keyword : Perceived value, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Life Insurance


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The development of insurance industry in life and non-life sector provides many challenges for the company. The challenge of life insurance companies operating in Indonesia comes from local and joint venture. The big difference is also seen in joint venture and local companies that market share data discrepancy until 30%. Moreover, the purpose of this research to see the perception on both companies by seeing a significant influence on perceived value, satisfaction, and loyalty using descriptive and path analysis. The difference between the two companies is also measured using multi-group analysis with a quantitative approach. The measurement is Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) with SEM-PLS model and processed using WrapPLS program. The result is a different perception of both companies. Joint venture company tends to have very good perception on perceived value of reputation dimension and low in monetary price, whereas Local company is low in emotional response and good in quality. Structurally, there is direct and indirect influence among perceived value, satisfaction, and loyalty and multi-group analysis shows no significant difference between group joint venture and local companies. so that both companies can increase perceived value to customer satisfaction with output add material on training program and make promotion using tote bag. Keywords: Perceived value, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Life Insurance.

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