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Predicting Indonesian Generation Y and Z Behavioral Intention Toward Organic Food Products Consumption : Combining Theory of Planned Behavior and Identity Theory

Skripsi, 059 / 2021 / MPI
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-01-09 13:37:08
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Keyword : Theory of Planned Behavior, Health Consciousness, Environmental Consciousness, Social Consciousness, Organic Food Identity, Behavior Intention


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Changes in healthy lifestyles by consuming organic food products are increasingly becoming a global trend. Therefore, the current consumer consciousness of organic labels, especially in the food sector, continues to experience high market demand, including the creative growth of organic food businesses. However, the popularity of organic food products is not always proportional to the increase in consumption of organic food products. The identity of organic food is still difficult to fully understand. Therefore, this study aims to understand consumers' behavioral intention towards organic food products by comparing two types of respondents generation Y and Z. This study applies a combination of the theory of planned behavior and identity theory. This study uses a quantitative approach of 450 respondents with questionnaires. After the data is collected, it is measured with the structural equation model in the SMART PLS application. Meanwhile a qualitative approach with open-ended questions and in-depth interviews of 3 informants. This study indicates that consumer consciousness is not only in terms of health, but the environment and attitude play a significant role in shaping the behavioral intention of consumers to continue to consume organic food products. Therefore, it is recommended for the industry to create customer lifecycle journeys and content digital advertising as marketing strategies that aim to attract behavioral intentions toward organic food products consumption.

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