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Indonesian Consumer Perception on Product Attributes, Brand Image, Perceived Price, Country Of Origin And It Is Influence on Samsung Purchase Intention

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Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2018-10-24 15:50:28
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Keyword : Product Attributes, Brand Image, Perceived Price, Country of Origin, Purchase Intention, Samsung Smartphone


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A few decades ago, the usage of Smartphone had become a new lifestyle. Customers have a complex decision making and many factors that are possible to influence their intention to buy. Thus, in this situation, evaluate what drives Smartphone purchase intention is important. There are many companies involved in the competition between Smartphone brands, one of them is Samsung. Samsung is a Korean company that sells many Smartphones, although it has competition Samsung becomes a market leader in the Smartphone business. The aims of this study is to examine the influence of product attributes, brand image, perceived price, country of origin and it is influence on Samsung purchase intention. This study used 394 respondents who are consumers who have a Smartphone and intention to buy a Smartphone. The validity, reliability, descriptive statistics, multicollinearity and multiple regression test were used to analyze the data. The result of this study indicated that product attributes, brand image, perceived price variable has a significant influence on purchase intention. Meanwhile, the country of origin has not affect toward purchase intention. These findings give a new insight regarding country of origin variable is the best variable for the consumers especially on Prestige indicator the worst variable for the consumers' perception are Diversity indicator. This might due to Samsung still do not optimal on introducing their various cultures, especially in the case of high involvement product as well as the famous brand with a high-quality product. Therefore, this research suggest the product attribute, brand image, and perceived price considers as important to consumer purchase intention. Keywords: Product Attributes, Brand Image, Perceived Price, Country of Origin, Purchase Intention, Samsung Smartphone.

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