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The Effect of Perceived Usefulness, Trust and Visual Information toward Attitudes and Intention to Visit Restaurant

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Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2019-11-29 14:30:59
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Keyword : Instagram Food Blogger, Attitude, Purchase Intention


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In recent years, blogs have become the mainstay of consumer media to find information before they are deciding on a purchase. Over time, these bloggers traveled to other media to share their writing with readers, one of them is Instagram. Instagram with its photo-sharing feature, puts culinary products as the first number advertised on its platform. In Indonesia, the culinary sector is the first contributor to the contribution of creative economic efforts to its economy. But they still have barriers to their development. The main barriers are still to be a problem for most the enterprises is domestic marketing. To respond to these existing trends and problems, this study tries to provide a new view on whether Instagram Food Blogger's recommendations can influence consumer purchasing attitudes and intentions and also become a new tool for marketers to reach consumers. To achieve the goal, this study was designed using descriptive analysis to describe the characteristics of respondents regarding Instagram Food Blogger elements (perceived benefits, trust and visual information) on their attitudes and purchase intentions based on a theoretical framework that was empirically tested. Data collection is done through a questionnaire distributed to Instagram Blogger Food recommendation's readers in Bandung. The results of the study show that the elements of Instagram Food Blogger's recommendations have a significant and positive influence on the reader's attitude and purchase intention. Trust plays an important role in developing a positive attitude towards recommendations. Furthermore, the attitude holds the most important role that can encourage readers to decide on a purchase or in this context to visit the recommended restaurant. Furthermore, the research results are used to design marketing strategies for bloggers and culinary companies to develop their business in the digital era. Keywords: Instagram Food Blogger, Attitude, Purchase Intention.

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