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Determinants of Consumer Purchase Intention Towards Korean Food

Skripsi, 029 / 2021 / MPI
Undergraduate Theses from JBPTPPOLBAN / 2023-01-03 11:49:40
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Keyword : country of origin image, product image, theory of planned behavior, purchase intention


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The magnitude influence of the Korean wave in Indonesia affects consumer behavior, especially in terms of lifestyle and food choices. The popularity of Korean food has increased in recent years, especially during the pandemic of Covid-19. This allowed domestic businesses to produce Korean food. However, the growth of local businesses selling Korean food cannot compete with imported Korean food entered Indonesian market. This research aims to find out determinant factors of consumer purchase intention toward Korean food. This study will use theory of planned behavior (TPB) to predict consumer purchase intention toward Korean food with analysing the role of information and the role of image in a product. This study is a quantitative study through delivering online-based questionnaires to 341 respondents who have bought Korean food. The data analysis method uses the SEM-PLS approach by using SmartPLS 3.0 application. The result shows that Korean food image, familiarity as well as subjective norms, attitude, and perceived behavioral control have a positive and significant influence on Korean food purchase intention. The findings obtained from this study can help marketers develop marketing strategies to build purchase intention of the Korean food industry. Keyword: country of origin image, product image, theory of planned behavior, purchase intention.

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